Landscaping Assistance: Don't Neglect Your Lawn Mower Maintenance

April Unruh
gravely pto clutchAcross the United States, homeowners spend approximately $15.9 billion annually on lawn care services. Though professional lawn care companies are great for massive projects, individual homeowners should not have to spend a significant amount of money to keep their landscapes looking great. 

Aside from purchasing some necessary lawn care equipment like a shovel, garden hose, weed-wacker, working gloves, and a few other items, the main lawn care you will have is keeping your lawn mower functioning properly. Without a high-quality riding lawn mower, you're never going to be able to keep your property looking as best as possible. That's where lawn mower inspections, repairs, and general maintenance needs come in. 

  • Study the lawn mower owner's manual -- First, it's imperative that you fully understand the ins and outs of your specific lawn mower. The manual can inform you exactly how the maker wants you to care of it. You don't have to read the manual cover to cover before each mow, but taking a look at it to understand some of the mower intricacies can certainly help.

  • Upgrade your Gravely PTO clutch -- Without a functioning power takeoff (PTO) clutch, your mower simply cannot power the blades and keep them engaged. Thankfully, you can purchase quality Gravely PTO clutches that can ensure that your mower is ready to go the next time you plan on mowing your lawn. Make sure you're working with a trusted electric clutch replacement organization, as well.

  • Clean out the undercarriage -- Since grass and landscape debris can build up over time, clogging issues can occur as a result. You can use a wire brush to scrape away any dirt, grass, and debris from the undercarriage and spray it with a hose afterward to fully clean it. As a safety precaution, you should always disconnect the spark plug before cleaning out the mower's undercarriage.

Keep in mind, there are plenty of additional maintenance aspects that you need to focus on in order to maximize your mower's performance and improve your property's appearance. Make sure you're inspecting the oil, draining the gasoline at the end of each cut, inspecting and replacing the air filter and spark plugs, and are sharpening the blades. If you want to learn more about Gravely PTO clutches for quality lawn mowers or speak with lawn care maintenance professionals, contact Ox Clutch today!

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4 Great Tips For Keeping Your Lawn Mower Working Properly

April Unruh

ariens pto replacement clutch


Approximately 83% of Americans believe that having a yard is important and 90% of those with a yard think it's also important to keep it well maintained. In order to ensure that your lawn is looking great all year-long, you need to make sure your lawn mower is properly functioning. 

From purchasing Ariens PTO replacement clutches to making sure the battery is charged prior to each cut, here are some essential lawn mower maintenance tips for keeping your lawn looking great: 

  • Inspect the drive belt -- If your lawn mower's blades won't engage, the drive belt on the deck could be the issue. When the belt becomes damaged or worn-down, the blades will not engage, turning an otherwise quick lawn mow into a stressful and lengthy process. You can simply replace the drive belt if it's damaged -- it's best to refer to your mower's owner's manual or work with a skilled professional to ensure proper installation.

  • Focus on electric clutch replacement -- Mowers are equipped with a power takeoff (PTO) clutch that directly powers the blades. If there is a problem with the mower's clutch, you won't be able to cut your grass at all. Thankfully, Ariens PTO replacement clutches work great and can help you your lawn looking freshly cut right away.

  • Free frozen bullies and obstructions -- If your mower's idler pulley freezes in place and doesn't rotate, neither will the blades. Similarly, if a rock, log, or other piece of debris gets lodged into your mower's PTO shaft, you'll have the same problem.

  • Keep the battery fully charged -- Your mower needs sufficient electricity in order to run the PTO and keep the blades engaged. If the battery is weak or dead, you won't be able to power your blades. Make sure your mower is charged by checking it with a volt meter before every cut. Additionally, you can address a battery issue with a low charge by recharging it with a battery charger.

If you want to learn more about the importance of keeping your lawn mowers working properly or find quality Ariens PTO replacement clutches, give Ox Clutch a call right away. 

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3 Essential Lawn Care Tools For Achieving a Healthy Landscape

April Unruh
Having a nice yard is extremely important to the majority of property owners across the United States. In fact, 83% of Americans believe that having a yard is important and 90% of those with a landscape think it's just as important to keep it well-maintained. 

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4 Great Maintenance Tips to Better Care for Your Lawn Mower

April Unruh

replacement lawn mower parts


The average American spends, on average, about four hours per week taking care of their lawn, which adds up to an average of 208 hours per year. Though it's extremely important to take care of your yard, it's just as important to spend plenty of time actually take care of your lawn mower itself. 

Here are some excellent lawn mower maintenance tips to consider: 

    • Understand your lawn mower's manual -- You should understand your mower's manual from the inside out. If you're serious about getting the most out of your machine, make sure you study each and every page of your manual, because it tells you exactly how the maker intended it to be taken care of.

    • Drain the gasoline after each mow -- After each mowing session, you need to get rid of the old gasoline. Reusing old gasoline is one of the main causes of lawn mowers breaking down and not starting. You should run your lawn mower after each mowing session to run the remaining gas out of the tank and always use fresh gas.

    • Get the right replacement lawn mower parts -- From PTO clutch replacement to new wheels, make sure that you're purchasing the right replacement lawn mower parts. The easiest way to ruin your lawn mower, which would directly ruin your lawn and property, is to not replace parts that have broken down.

    • Monitor the mower's spark plug -- Dirty or old spark plugs can cause all sorts of lawn mower problems. Your mower could lose power during a mowing session, which can even be dangerous. If you notice any issues with your spark plug, get it fixed right away. Even if nothing is going wrong, it's best to replace your spark plug after 100 hours of mowing.

Take excellent care of your lawn, yes, but make sure you're taking just as good care of your lawn mower. If you want to learn more about better caring for your lawn mower, find Swisher lawn mowers, or purchase some quality replacement lawn mower parts, give Ox Clutch a call today. 

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Is A Good Lawn Really That Important? Most Americans Think So

April Unruh

lawnmower parts

Are you trying to increase your curb appeal to sell a few years down the road or just keep your house looking presentable? You need lawnmower parts that can hold up to the task. This means getting familiar with your electric clutch replacement resources and figuring out the best time to get mowing. The lawn is widely considered one of the most iconic parts of the home and is often the first thing people see when visiting. Learning how to keep your grass properly trimmed takes practice, but the end result is well worth the effort.

Here are a few tips to catch you up to speed on good lawn mowers and maintenance techniques.

Today's Lawnmowing Industry

There are plenty of high-quality brands and lawnmower parts for you to choose from. That's because the American lawn care industry raked in a stunning yearly revenue of $75 billion back in 2016, setting the stage for homeowners and farmers alike to enjoy the equipment they need. The median revenue for landscaping companies is $215,000 and sees projects ranging from simple touch-ups to complete overhauls. Whether you want to invest in commercial landscaping services or check out the benefits of the Dixie Chopper PTO Clutch yourself, you'll want to spare a glance at the list below.

Cultural Attitudes Toward Exterior Design

Exterior design is a massive first impression. A spotty lawn can turn away potential customers and a lack of refined shrubbery can leave your curb appeal wanting for more. American households today spend a collective $15 billion on lawn care services every year, with commercial landscaping accounting for around 50% of the industry's revenue. A recent study found the average American will spend an average of four hours per week taking care of their backyard or front yard. That's as many as 200 hours per year.

Farms, Lawns And General Maintenance

Farms and homes alike need to work regularly to keep their grass looking fresh. There are over three million farmers working around the clock across America. An industry estimate determined over 85% of farms in the United States are owned and operated by individuals or families. When animals need to be taken care of and shipments need to be completed, good lawnmower parts can do a lot of the work to relieve stress. What could a Bush Hog Clutch do to make your personal workflow a lot more seamless?

Simple Upkeep Tips For Your Lawnmower Parts

It's not enough to simply buy a lawnmower and call it a day. You need to regularly check your lawnmower parts and make sure they're working to the fullest of their ability. Even a minor lag in ability can cost you money, waste your time and leave you scratching your head as to where you went wrong. Strange noises should be checked on immediately, as it could be a sign of a clog or equipment failure. A lawnmower should move smoothly and seamlessly. Any hitches in movement could be a sign it's starting to show its age or needs a replacement part.

Cultivating A Healthy, Green Lawn Year-Round

When you're tired of an overgrown or yellowing lawn, a good lawnmower is right around the corner just waiting to be taken advantage of. Over 85 million households in the United States have private lawns, which should say something about the kind of advancements you should expect to find when browsing the lawn care market. A recent study showed around 80% of Americans believing having a yard is important, particularly when it comes to improving ROI and curb appeal. The American retail sales of lawn care supplies are going to be hitting a record high of $6 billion in 2019.

A good lawn needs a good lawnmower. Invest in equipment that will deliver on its promise every day of the year.

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Lawn-Mowing Safety: 5 Important Tips

April Unruh

lawnmower clutch


85 million lawns in the United States offer 85 million opportunities for enjoyment, but also, surprisingly, nearly as many hidden dangers. Whether you use a push mower or riding lawn mower, there are always safety concerns that come with lawn mowing equipment. Here are five safety tips to keep your family safe and keep your yard looking great.

    1. Wear the Right Clothes

      The rotating blades found beneath ride and push mowers can launch debris at high speeds. Mowing jobs also often require moving amongst low-hanging branches and thorns. Protect your skin with full-length pants and sleeves. Use wrap-around goggles for eye safety, and hearing protection for especially loud mowing equipment.

    2. Keep the Yard Clear

      Lawn Mower blades are designed for cutting grass. Hitting rocks, twigs or toys can damage your equipment and fling objects that may injure people and pets. Check over the yard before mowing. Pay special attention around trees, and watch out for fallen twigs or raised roots. 

    3. Mow in Proper Conditions 

      While it can be tempting to hurry out and get the lawn mowing done and out of the way, certain weather conditions can make mowing more dangerous. Never mow in a thunderstorm or even in the rain-wet grass can make sloped yards dangerously slick. Be mindful of sun and heat to avoid exhaustion or sunburn. Finally, mowing in the dark or twilight can obstruct the view, increasing the likelihood of running over something unintentionally.

    4. Protect Children

      While lawn mowing can teach kids responsibility, it is a dangerous task for youngsters. Children should be 12 before operating push mowers, and 15 before operating riding lawn mowers. Take their strength and maturity into consideration. Never bring children along as passengers on seated lawn mowers.

    5. Maintain Equipment Regularly 

      Reading the owner’s manual can help you use a lawnmower properly so that it remains in good working condition. Before every mow, check to make sure lawnmower parts that provide extra safety, like guards, shields, and grass catchers, are not broken or missing. Regularly get underneath your equipment to check it over. Pay special attention to the lawnmower clutch, which is responsible for turning the grass-cutting blades. Lawnmower clutch malfunction, blown tires, gas leaks and any other problem with the mower’s operation can pose a risk. When buying replacement lawnmower parts, be sure they are correct for your equipment.

By following these tips, you can make sure your lawn is neat, clean, and most importantly, safe.

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4 Tips For Taking Care of Your Farmland

April Unruh
The average American farm is approximately 418 acres. Whether you have been in charge of your farm's agricultural production for decades or you are just beginning your career as a farmer, you need to constantly make sure you're taking excellent care of every inch of your land. 

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From 150-MPH Mowers to Realistic Options, Here Are Some Great Mowers Out There

April Unruh
Approximately 83% of Americans believe that having a yard is important and 90% of those with a yard think it’s just as important to ensure that it is also well maintained. 

Honda is focusing on helping homeowners take better care of their lawns, but with a focus on speed over efficiency. 

According to Wheels, Honda has built a lawnmower that can travel as fast as 150 miles per hour

Constructed by Team Dynamics, Honda’s British Touring Car Championship partner and the team behind developing the fastest lawn mower back in 2014, the innovative 2018 model is utilizing computer-aided design (CAD), bespoke parts, advanced materials, and even 3D printing. 

The engine, a 999 cc four-cylinder unit taken from Honda’s high-performing CBR1000RR Fireblade SP motorcycle, can produce more than 190 horsepower at 13,000 revolutions per minute (RPM). The team estimates that this new machine could even reach 90 mph in first gear

Although not every homeowner needs a lawn mower that can travel up to 150 mph, there are plenty of high-quality mowers equipped with electric clutches on the market. Here are some of the best lawn mowers you should check out to ensure that your property and landscape looks as best as possible this summer:

    • Honda HRX217VKA -- This powerful mower utilizes a 21-inch variable speed 4-in-1 gas 190 cc engine. Though this mower is extremely powerful, it's actually more efficient than the majority of side-valve engines.

    • EGO LM2101 -- This 56-volt lithium-ion cordless battery mower is great for mowing in all sorts of environments and weather conditions. It also is equipped with LED highlights for late night mowing, as well.

    • Toro Recycler 20333 -- With this blade-brake electric clutch, this mower can stop the blade without actually stopping the motor, which is great for moving debris out of the path of the mower. More than 2,100 buyers online have recommended the Toro Recycler and the consensus is that its powerful engine does a great job of chopping through foot-high grass and lasts quite long.

Whether you're mowing your lawn with an old push Swisher lawn mower or at speeds of 150 mph (not likely), make sure you're taking care of your lawn care equipment at all times. If you want to learn more about electric clutch replacement on your lawn mower, give Ox Clutch a call right away.

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5 Tips to Improve the Look of Your Lawn Today

April Unruh
lawn mowersThe United States Lawn Care industry saw approximately $77 billion of revenue in 2016. Though larger agricultural and commercial lawn care plays an important role for the industry's success, residential lawn care is essential. Without a nice-looking yard, your home will not only look worse, it will actually be valued much less. 

That's why it's important to understand exactly how to properly tend for your lawn and the rest of your property. From using the right kind of lawn mowers to knowing when to actually mow, here are some tips that should help give you the lawn you have always wanted. 

  • Use a quality lawn mower -- You're never going to be able to keep your property looking great with an old, rickety push mower. Conversely, you don't need to spend a fortune on the most expensive and innovate mower on the market. Simply upgrade your old lawn mowers to some newer, higher quality ones and your grass will thank you.
  • Don't scalp your lawn -- Making sure you're not cutting your grass too short is a great tip for improved lawn care. If you are cutting too short, your soil will be exposed and you'll start to see an infestation of weeds around your property.
  • Be sure to sharpen your mower's blades -- Your mower's blades need to be kept sharp so the cut is clean and quick each time. If your mower's blades are dull, they'll rip the grass unevenly and create openings for pests and blight.
  • Mow on dry grass -- For the best possible cut, you should always mow your lawn when the grass is dry. Mowing a wet lawn might not harm the grass so much, but it won't produce the best-looking result and could even clog your mower deck. During the early hours of the morning, wait until the grass's moisture level goes down and get cutting as soon as it's dry.
  • Mow back and forth -- To produce the best lawn results, you should be mowing back and forth and not around and around in a spiral. Mowing straight, back and fourth lines will give your lawn a brisk, fresh, and clean look.
If you want to find some high-quality Swisher lawn mowers or work with electric clutch replacement professionals, give Ox Clutch a call right away.

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Agricultural Production and Upkeep: The Power of Bush Hogs

April Unruh

bush hog clutch replacement

There are more than 3 million farmers across the United States, and the average U.S. farm is approximately 418 acres. Because these agricultural properties can be quite large, heavy equipment and machinery must work effectively for long hours, across all kinds of rough terrains. 

 Small lawn mowers won't suffice for the majority of large-scale agricultural upkeep and production -- that's where bush hog equipment come into play.

Bush hogs, also called brush hogs, are rotary mowers that are excellent for large farming tasks. Typically, these machines are attached to the back of a farm tractor using a three-point hitch and are driving via the power take-off (PTO). Unfortunately, even top-of-the-line pieces of equipment can break down over time or after long days of hard work. Thankfully, bush hog clutch replacement is a viable option for any PTO clutch-related issue. 

A bush hog's blades aren't attached to the drive like lawn mower blades, but are actually secured to hinges just in case the blade strikes a stump, rock, or other hard surfaces. If the blades hit something hard, rather than impacting the entire system, they will simply bounce back and fourth, allowing centrifugal force to place them back on track and go outwards again. 

Additionally, the rotary blades are not nearly as sharp as conventional mowing blades. In fact, they are actually quite dull so they can effectively cut through dense plant growth. Even the sharpest blades can struggle with dense plants because they will slow down or get stuck during the cutting motion. But bus hog's blades are just dull enough, heavy enough, and strong enough to cut through virtually any crop found on farmland. 

Here are some of the most popular bush hog manufacturers: 

  • Woods Equipment

  • Bush-Whacke

  • Land Pride

  • DR Power Equipment

  • King Kutter

  • RhinoAg

  • Again, make sure you're staying on top of your bush hog clutch replacement and maintenance needs in order to ensure a successful season. If you want to learn more about bush hog clutch replacement or find quality Swisher lawn mowers, give Ox Clutch a call today.

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