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Lawn-Mowing Safety: 5 Important Tips

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85 million lawns in the United States offer 85 million opportunities for enjoyment, but also, surprisingly, nearly as many hidden dangers. Whether you use a push mower or riding lawn mower, there are always safety concerns that come with lawn mowing equipment. Here are five safety tips to keep your family safe and keep your yard looking great.

    1. Wear the Right Clothes

      The rotating blades found beneath ride and push mowers can launch debris at high speeds. Mowing jobs also often require moving amongst low-hanging branches and thorns. Protect your skin with full-length...

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4 Tips For Taking Care of Your Farmland

The average American farm is approximately 418 acres. Whether you have been in charge of your farm's agricultural production for decades or you are just beginning your career as a farmer, you need to constantly make sure you're taking excellent care of every inch of your land. 

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From 150-MPH Mowers to Realistic Options, Here Are Some Great Mowers Out There

Approximately 83% of Americans believe that having a yard is important and 90% of those with a yard think it’s just as important to ensure that it is also well maintained. 

Honda is focusing on helping homeowners take better care of their lawns, but with a focus on speed over efficiency. 

According to Wheels, Honda has built a lawnmower that can travel as fast as 150 miles per hour

Constructed by Team Dynamics, Honda’s British Touring Car Championship partner and the team behind developing the fastest lawn mower back in 2014, the...

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5 Tips to Improve the Look of Your Lawn Today

lawn mowersThe United States Lawn Care industry saw approximately $77 billion of revenue in 2016. Though larger agricultural and commercial lawn care plays an important role for the industry's success, residential lawn care is essential. Without a nice-looking yard, your home will not only look worse, it will actually be valued much less. 

That's why it's important to understand exactly how to properly tend for your lawn and the rest of your property. From using the right kind of lawn mowers to knowing when to actually mow, here are some tips that should help give you the lawn...

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Agricultural Production and Upkeep: The Power of Bush Hogs

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There are more than 3 million farmers across the United States, and the average U.S. farm is approximately 418 acres. Because these agricultural properties can be quite large, heavy equipment and machinery must work effectively for long hours, across all kinds of rough terrains. 

 Small lawn mowers won't suffice for the majority of large-scale agricultural upkeep and production -- that's where bush hog equipment come into play.

Bush hogs, also called brush hogs, are rotary mowers that are excellent for large farming tasks. Typically, these machines are attached to the back of a farm tractor using...

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