At Ox Clutch, we are proud to offer top quality replacement PTO clutches for your Gravely mower – at a price point you can afford! Perhaps you need a replacement for your Gravely 160Z, Pro-turn or a 260Z. With state-of-the-art, industrial-grade parts that exceed industry standards and numerous options to choose from, we hope you’ll love our long-lasting, high-strength, safe and efficient equipment.

As you choose your replacement for your Gravely PTO clutch, you’ll notice that all our products are sold at prices you’ll love. This is due to our commitment to providing you with quality products for less.

Best of all, when you buy your Ox Clutch through our website, you are eligible for our Lifetime Discount program, which ensures that your replacement for your Gravely mower clutch will operate for the long haul. Your purchase also comes guaranteed with a one-year warranty, as well as a one-month grace period. The Ox team prides itself on offering exceptional customer support, with fast service and shipping. We look forward to helping you find the right replacement for your Gravely PTO clutch!

$ 176.95 USD $ 455.95 USD
$ 249.95 USD $ 334.95 USD
$ 176.95 USD $ 455.95 USD
$ 147.85 USD $ 395.05 USD
$ 187.95 USD $ 324.52 USD
$ 191.95 USD $ 499.50 USD
$ 249.95 USD $ 389.65 USD
$ 249.95 USD $ 499.75 USD
$ 176.95 USD $ 455.95 USD
$ 244.95 USD $ 445.45 USD
$ 165.95 USD $ 368.78 USD
$ 234.95 USD $ 372.52 USD