BEFORE REMOVING CLUTCH: Please review the details below for how to Submit a Clutch for Warranty


13 Month Manufacturer Defect Warranty Policy

We at Ox Clutch have a very stringent quality control program.  It is our opinion that we owe it to our clients to provide the product in pristine condition “the first time”. We sincerely hope that this warranty policy is nothing more than peace of mind when purchasing a clutch from Ox Clutch.

As we are not able to test each clutch in the unique application associated with your particular use, there remains the possibility that a defect may surface subsequent to your receipt of the clutch. For this reason, Ox Clutch makes the following warranty statement. 

Ox Clutch warrants that a clutch sold by Ox will perform to industry standard for a period of 13 months from the date of purchase displayed on the invoice accompanying the clutch at time of purchase. This warranty is a twelve-month warranty with a one month “grace period”. Ox Clutch, Inc. realizes that a new clutch isn’t put into service on the day of sale therefore we allow a grace period to the client’s benefit. The warranty covers only defects in materials and workmanship. If, upon inspection, Ox Clutch, Inc. determines that a defect does in fact exist, Ox will provide a new compatible clutch with a new installation kit at no cost to the client. There are no other warranties whatsoever, however, should the clutch in question not be defective but rather failed for a reason such as abuse, improper installation or for any other reason, it may be tendered to Ox Clutch, Inc. for replacement under the terms of the Ox Clutch, Inc. “Lifetime Discount Policy”

It is important to understand that Ox Clutch warrants only the function of the clutch and then, only to the extent that it is proven defective. Ox Clutch, Inc. does not warrant installation costs or any failures of other components resulting from the failure of the clutch. Ox Clutch, Inc will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to: property damage, lost time resulting from failure of any product or equipment or from delays in service or the inability to render service. Ox Clutch, Inc. makes no warranties expressed or implied as to the fitness of use nor in any other event. We cannot warranty any clutch without inspection. 


How to Submit a Clutch for Warranty:

Please send the required photos and the answers to the questions below to:

Take Photos of the Clutch Before Removing: We will require pictures of the installation. Please provide clear pictures that include how the clutch is bolted on and a profile shot that includes the belt alignment (with belt installed) and the entire clutch. This is REQUIRED before we can initiate an inspection. NO EXCEPTIONS

    Fill out the Requested information:
      1. Phone Number
      2. Order Number
      3. Have you completed the "Trouble Shooting Guide"?
      4. What is the voltage on the positive plug wire?
      5. What is the amperage on the positive plug wire?
      6. Was your clutch installed with the D-Spacer?
      7. What is the distance from the outer bearing mounting surface to the end of the crankshaft with the full PTO assembly installed on the engine?
      8. How many ft lbs did you torque the clutch to?
      9. How did you burnish your clutch?
      10. Please describe the failure.

    Send all of the requested information to:

    Thank you for providing the complete information. Once we have received and reviewed your information, we will verify that it is a warranty claim. If it is verified, we will issue an RMA. If we are not able to verify the claim, we will work with you to find a solution.

    If you are issued with an RMA we advise shipping it back the same method we shipped to you (USPS) as it is fast and inexpensive. The inspection process is typically 2-4 days. Complicated failures or additional information needed may take more time and we will keep you updated.