If you're in the market for a replacement clutch for your Swisher lawn mower, look no further than Ox Clutch. Our replacement clutches for your Swisher are available at a fraction of the cost. Our clutches are manufactured with industrial-grade, stainless steel materials that stand out from the rest. By offering a wide variety of replacement clutches for your Swisher mower, we’re certain you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for – for less.

When you purchase an Ox Clutch we send you off with a one-year warranty and the opportunity to participate in our Lifetime Discount Program. At Ox Clutch, we stand behind our products, and we hope you enjoy our collection of long-lasting, durable, safe and efficient replacements for your Swisher clutch. If you have questions regarding our replacement Swisher lawn mower parts, contact us today!

$ 194.95 USD $ 339.65 USD
$ 191.95 USD $ 226.50 USD
$ 147.85 USD $ 223.22 USD
$ 147.85 USD $ 216.89 USD