Agricultural Production and Upkeep: The Power of Bush Hogs

Agricultural Production and Upkeep: The Power of Bush Hogs

April Unruh

bush hog clutch replacement

There are more than 3 million farmers across the United States, and the average U.S. farm is approximately 418 acres. Because these agricultural properties can be quite large, heavy equipment and machinery must work effectively for long hours, across all kinds of rough terrains. 

 Small lawn mowers won't suffice for the majority of large-scale agricultural upkeep and production -- that's where bush hog equipment come into play.

Bush hogs, also called brush hogs, are rotary mowers that are excellent for large farming tasks. Typically, these machines are attached to the back of a farm tractor using a three-point hitch and are driving via the power take-off (PTO). Unfortunately, even top-of-the-line pieces of equipment can break down over time or after long days of hard work. Thankfully, bush hog clutch replacement is a viable option for any PTO clutch-related issue. 

A bush hog's blades aren't attached to the drive like lawn mower blades, but are actually secured to hinges just in case the blade strikes a stump, rock, or other hard surfaces. If the blades hit something hard, rather than impacting the entire system, they will simply bounce back and fourth, allowing centrifugal force to place them back on track and go outwards again. 

Additionally, the rotary blades are not nearly as sharp as conventional mowing blades. In fact, they are actually quite dull so they can effectively cut through dense plant growth. Even the sharpest blades can struggle with dense plants because they will slow down or get stuck during the cutting motion. But bus hog's blades are just dull enough, heavy enough, and strong enough to cut through virtually any crop found on farmland. 

Here are some of the most popular bush hog manufacturers: 

  • Woods Equipment

  • Bush-Whacke

  • Land Pride

  • DR Power Equipment

  • King Kutter

  • RhinoAg

  • Again, make sure you're staying on top of your bush hog clutch replacement and maintenance needs in order to ensure a successful season. If you want to learn more about bush hog clutch replacement or find quality Swisher lawn mowers, give Ox Clutch a call today.

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