It is the intent of OX Clutch, Inc. to provide the best product available, suited specifically to your application.  When installed according to the included instructions, you can expect this product to serve you for many years.  To insure this is the case, OX Clutch, Inc. has created the following Exchange Program to augment the one year warranty included with each OX Clutch. 

The table below outlines costs associated with the various stages of the exchange program.  As the original clutch ages, the cost of exchange increases, the idea being that a clutch that has been used for many years has given a higher percentage of the service that was expected.  There are no limitations as to the cause of failure when utilizing the exchange program.  It can be activated for any reason, even neglect, improper installation, whatever.  When you take advantage of the exchange program, you will receive a complete new clutch and installation kit.  This clutch will be covered by a new one year warranty as well as this Lifetime Exchange Policy.  Both the warranty and the exchange program will start as new.  

We at OX Clutch, Inc. want you to continue to enjoy the performance of our superior clutching systems and have created this program to assist you in doing so.  We appreciate your business and wish to encourage you to consider OX Clutch for your future clutch requirements. 

Program details:
To activate, please first email us at: to receive the return authorization. Please include your order number and a brief explanation. Upon receiving authorization you can then return the original OX Clutch along with a copy of the original sales receipt to the following address:

OX Clutch, Inc.
84500 Sarvis Berry Lane
Eugene, Oregon 97405

Please include any changes in address, particularly shipping address, with the returned clutch as well as an e-mail address, if available, or other contact information if an e-mail is not available.  Note that USPS Medium Flat Rate Priority Mail Box is the most economical method of shipment.  Upon receipt of your return, OX Clutch, Inc. will issue an invoice based on the following table, showing the exact cost of the replacement including shipping charges.  Include a check with the failed clutch based on the following calculation.  Your new clutch will be shipped the same day.    

The date of the original invoice plus one month will be the start date for purposes of calculating the cost of the replacement clutch under the “Lifetime Exchange Policy”.  We at OX Clutch realize that your clutch was likely not in service for a week to a month from invoice date so wish to adjust accordingly in your favor.  Year one, the first 13 months after initial purchase of the clutch, will be subject to the “One Year” Warranty.  This is true UNLESS it is determined that the failure was for a reason other than defect in material or workmanship as stated in the Warranty Policy.  If it is determined that failure was due to an outside influence, the Lifetime Exchange Policy will apply.  In this case, year one and year two will be available at the Year Two price. 

Lifetime Exchange Policy exchange costs:
Year one and two
:  Invoice cost less 20%
Year three:  Invoice cost less 15%
Year four and subsequent years:  Invoice cost less 10% 

The new replacement clutch will come with a new One Year Warranty and a new Lifetime Exchange Policy.  The base price of the new clutch for the new Lifetime Exchange Policy will be the current cost at the time of this replacement. 

Payment calculation example:
The current cost of your failed clutch is, say $400.00.  The invoice date falls within year three.  $400.00 less 15%=$340.00.