From 150-MPH Mowers to Realistic Options, Here Are Some Great Mowers Out There

April Unruh
Approximately 83% of Americans believe that having a yard is important and 90% of those with a yard think it’s just as important to ensure that it is also well maintained. 

Honda is focusing on helping homeowners take better care of their lawns, but with a focus on speed over efficiency. 

According to Wheels, Honda has built a lawnmower that can travel as fast as 150 miles per hour

Constructed by Team Dynamics, Honda’s British Touring Car Championship partner and the team behind developing the fastest lawn mower back in 2014, the innovative 2018 model is utilizing computer-aided design (CAD), bespoke parts, advanced materials, and even 3D printing. 

The engine, a 999 cc four-cylinder unit taken from Honda’s high-performing CBR1000RR Fireblade SP motorcycle, can produce more than 190 horsepower at 13,000 revolutions per minute (RPM). The team estimates that this new machine could even reach 90 mph in first gear

Although not every homeowner needs a lawn mower that can travel up to 150 mph, there are plenty of high-quality mowers equipped with electric clutches on the market. Here are some of the best lawn mowers you should check out to ensure that your property and landscape looks as best as possible this summer:

    • Honda HRX217VKA -- This powerful mower utilizes a 21-inch variable speed 4-in-1 gas 190 cc engine. Though this mower is extremely powerful, it's actually more efficient than the majority of side-valve engines.

    • EGO LM2101 -- This 56-volt lithium-ion cordless battery mower is great for mowing in all sorts of environments and weather conditions. It also is equipped with LED highlights for late night mowing, as well.

    • Toro Recycler 20333 -- With this blade-brake electric clutch, this mower can stop the blade without actually stopping the motor, which is great for moving debris out of the path of the mower. More than 2,100 buyers online have recommended the Toro Recycler and the consensus is that its powerful engine does a great job of chopping through foot-high grass and lasts quite long.

Whether you're mowing your lawn with an old push Swisher lawn mower or at speeds of 150 mph (not likely), make sure you're taking care of your lawn care equipment at all times. If you want to learn more about electric clutch replacement on your lawn mower, give Ox Clutch a call right away.

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