4 Great Tips For Keeping Your Lawn Mower Working Properly

4 Great Tips For Keeping Your Lawn Mower Working Properly

April Unruh

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Approximately 83% of Americans believe that having a yard is important and 90% of those with a yard think it's also important to keep it well maintained. In order to ensure that your lawn is looking great all year-long, you need to make sure your lawn mower is properly functioning. 

From purchasing Ariens PTO replacement clutches to making sure the battery is charged prior to each cut, here are some essential lawn mower maintenance tips for keeping your lawn looking great: 

  • Inspect the drive belt -- If your lawn mower's blades won't engage, the drive belt on the deck could be the issue. When the belt becomes damaged or worn-down, the blades will not engage, turning an otherwise quick lawn mow into a stressful and lengthy process. You can simply replace the drive belt if it's damaged -- it's best to refer to your mower's owner's manual or work with a skilled professional to ensure proper installation.

  • Focus on electric clutch replacement -- Mowers are equipped with a power takeoff (PTO) clutch that directly powers the blades. If there is a problem with the mower's clutch, you won't be able to cut your grass at all. Thankfully, Ariens PTO replacement clutches work great and can help you your lawn looking freshly cut right away.

  • Free frozen bullies and obstructions -- If your mower's idler pulley freezes in place and doesn't rotate, neither will the blades. Similarly, if a rock, log, or other piece of debris gets lodged into your mower's PTO shaft, you'll have the same problem.

  • Keep the battery fully charged -- Your mower needs sufficient electricity in order to run the PTO and keep the blades engaged. If the battery is weak or dead, you won't be able to power your blades. Make sure your mower is charged by checking it with a volt meter before every cut. Additionally, you can address a battery issue with a low charge by recharging it with a battery charger.

If you want to learn more about the importance of keeping your lawn mowers working properly or find quality Ariens PTO replacement clutches, give Ox Clutch a call right away. 

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