4 Great Maintenance Tips to Better Care for Your Lawn Mower

4 Great Maintenance Tips to Better Care for Your Lawn Mower

April Unruh

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The average American spends, on average, about four hours per week taking care of their lawn, which adds up to an average of 208 hours per year. Though it's extremely important to take care of your yard, it's just as important to spend plenty of time actually take care of your lawn mower itself. 

Here are some excellent lawn mower maintenance tips to consider: 

    • Understand your lawn mower's manual -- You should understand your mower's manual from the inside out. If you're serious about getting the most out of your machine, make sure you study each and every page of your manual, because it tells you exactly how the maker intended it to be taken care of.

    • Drain the gasoline after each mow -- After each mowing session, you need to get rid of the old gasoline. Reusing old gasoline is one of the main causes of lawn mowers breaking down and not starting. You should run your lawn mower after each mowing session to run the remaining gas out of the tank and always use fresh gas.

    • Get the right replacement lawn mower parts -- From PTO clutch replacement to new wheels, make sure that you're purchasing the right replacement lawn mower parts. The easiest way to ruin your lawn mower, which would directly ruin your lawn and property, is to not replace parts that have broken down.

    • Monitor the mower's spark plug -- Dirty or old spark plugs can cause all sorts of lawn mower problems. Your mower could lose power during a mowing session, which can even be dangerous. If you notice any issues with your spark plug, get it fixed right away. Even if nothing is going wrong, it's best to replace your spark plug after 100 hours of mowing.

Take excellent care of your lawn, yes, but make sure you're taking just as good care of your lawn mower. If you want to learn more about better caring for your lawn mower, find Swisher lawn mowers, or purchase some quality replacement lawn mower parts, give Ox Clutch a call today. 

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