Lawn-Mowing Safety: 5 Important Tips

Lawn-Mowing Safety: 5 Important Tips

April Unruh

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85 million lawns in the United States offer 85 million opportunities for enjoyment, but also, surprisingly, nearly as many hidden dangers. Whether you use a push mower or riding lawn mower, there are always safety concerns that come with lawn mowing equipment. Here are five safety tips to keep your family safe and keep your yard looking great.

    1. Wear the Right Clothes

      The rotating blades found beneath ride and push mowers can launch debris at high speeds. Mowing jobs also often require moving amongst low-hanging branches and thorns. Protect your skin with full-length pants and sleeves. Use wrap-around goggles for eye safety, and hearing protection for especially loud mowing equipment.

    2. Keep the Yard Clear

      Lawn Mower blades are designed for cutting grass. Hitting rocks, twigs or toys can damage your equipment and fling objects that may injure people and pets. Check over the yard before mowing. Pay special attention around trees, and watch out for fallen twigs or raised roots. 

    3. Mow in Proper Conditions 

      While it can be tempting to hurry out and get the lawn mowing done and out of the way, certain weather conditions can make mowing more dangerous. Never mow in a thunderstorm or even in the rain-wet grass can make sloped yards dangerously slick. Be mindful of sun and heat to avoid exhaustion or sunburn. Finally, mowing in the dark or twilight can obstruct the view, increasing the likelihood of running over something unintentionally.

    4. Protect Children

      While lawn mowing can teach kids responsibility, it is a dangerous task for youngsters. Children should be 12 before operating push mowers, and 15 before operating riding lawn mowers. Take their strength and maturity into consideration. Never bring children along as passengers on seated lawn mowers.

    5. Maintain Equipment Regularly 

      Reading the owner’s manual can help you use a lawnmower properly so that it remains in good working condition. Before every mow, check to make sure lawnmower parts that provide extra safety, like guards, shields, and grass catchers, are not broken or missing. Regularly get underneath your equipment to check it over. Pay special attention to the lawnmower clutch, which is responsible for turning the grass-cutting blades. Lawnmower clutch malfunction, blown tires, gas leaks and any other problem with the mower’s operation can pose a risk. When buying replacement lawnmower parts, be sure they are correct for your equipment.

By following these tips, you can make sure your lawn is neat, clean, and most importantly, safe.

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