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4 Tips For Taking Care of Your Farmland

April Unruh
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The average American farm is approximately 418 acres. Whether you have been in charge of your farm's agricultural production for decades or you are just beginning your career as a farmer, you need to constantly make sure you're taking excellent care of every inch of your land. 

Since your farm relies entirely on the health of your property, you need to always be taking the necessary steps to ensure that your land is secure, healthy, and strong. Here are some great tips to better care for your farmland: 

  • Plant some cover crops -- Using "green manure" cover crops is a great way to keep unused pastures and garden plots healthy. These cover crops build fertile soil, suppress weeds, and help prevent plant diseases and control pests.

  • Maintain your farm buildings -- If your farm is large enough to hold barns, coops, and other animal shelters, you need to make sure you are paying attention to the structural needs and repairs of these buildings. Simply take a look at your animals' quarters and perform any and all repairs as necessary.

  • Work with professionals to ensure your machines are running properly. -- Make sure you're staying on top of your mower and lawn care machine's maintenance. For instance, if your Ariens PTO clutch is in need or repairs or needs to be fully replaced, you should contact skilled professionals who can do so. If you neglect your PTO clutch's needs, your entire machine will be in jeopardy of breaking down permanently.

  • Secure your farm's fencing -- Proper fencing is critical for keeping your farmland safe. With a high, structurally sound fence, you'll not only ensure privacy and keep your neighbors happy, but you'll effectively keep invasive animals off your land. Make sure to regularly inspect your fence and replace rotten and loose posts.

If you want to learn more about caring for agricultural land, PTO clutch replacement, or have work done on your Swisher lawn mowers, give Ox Clutch a call today.

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