Landscaping Assistance: 3 Lawn Care Mistakes You Should Avoid

Landscaping Assistance: 3 Lawn Care Mistakes You Should Avoid

April Unruh

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Your lawn should be as clean and visually appealing as the rest of your home. Taking care of your landscape isn't all that tough, but it will require some focus and attention. 

Here are some common lawn care mistakes that you should avoid at all costs if you want your property's landscape to look as great as possible: 

  • Not spending enough time on lawn care -- The easiest way to improve your lawn's look is to get outside and work on it. Conversely, the easiest way to ruin your lawn is to neglect it. The average American spends, on average, four hours each week taking care of their lawn. That adds up to an average of 208 hours per year, or just over eight days. If you're not spending at least a few hours each week in your yard, your home's landscape is undoubtedly going to suffer.
  • Using poor quality lawn mowers -- If you're using high quality Swisher lawn mowers, your property will look sharp, clean, and visually appealing from afar and up close. If you're not using Swisher lawn mowers, but instead you're still pushing that old rickety mower your parents used to use in the 1980s, your lawn is going to look terrible. Don't make the mistake of using a poor quality lawn mower because it will result in a poor quality lawn. Check out some Swisher lawn mowers and you'll be quite happy with the result.
  • Watering your lawn too much -- Your lawn clearly needs plenty of water, but don't make the mistake of overwatering your grass. If you live in an area that enjoyed frequent rain spells, you probably won't have to water your lawn very much at all. Overwatering your lawn can not only ruin its appearance but also damage your soil and all the plants surrounding your home. If you're watering more than few times a week, try to cut back. And if you're making the mistake of watering your grass every single day -- stop!
If you want to learn more about improving your lawn care performance and avoiding these costly mistakes, or find quality PTO clutch replacement services, give Ox Clutch a call today. 

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