Is A Good Lawn Really That Important? Most Americans Think So

Is A Good Lawn Really That Important? Most Americans Think So

April Unruh

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Are you trying to increase your curb appeal to sell a few years down the road or just keep your house looking presentable? You need lawnmower parts that can hold up to the task. This means getting familiar with your electric clutch replacement resources and figuring out the best time to get mowing. The lawn is widely considered one of the most iconic parts of the home and is often the first thing people see when visiting. Learning how to keep your grass properly trimmed takes practice, but the end result is well worth the effort.

Here are a few tips to catch you up to speed on good lawn mowers and maintenance techniques.

Today's Lawnmowing Industry

There are plenty of high-quality brands and lawnmower parts for you to choose from. That's because the American lawn care industry raked in a stunning yearly revenue of $75 billion back in 2016, setting the stage for homeowners and farmers alike to enjoy the equipment they need. The median revenue for landscaping companies is $215,000 and sees projects ranging from simple touch-ups to complete overhauls. Whether you want to invest in commercial landscaping services or check out the benefits of the Dixie Chopper PTO Clutch yourself, you'll want to spare a glance at the list below.

Cultural Attitudes Toward Exterior Design

Exterior design is a massive first impression. A spotty lawn can turn away potential customers and a lack of refined shrubbery can leave your curb appeal wanting for more. American households today spend a collective $15 billion on lawn care services every year, with commercial landscaping accounting for around 50% of the industry's revenue. A recent study found the average American will spend an average of four hours per week taking care of their backyard or front yard. That's as many as 200 hours per year.

Farms, Lawns And General Maintenance

Farms and homes alike need to work regularly to keep their grass looking fresh. There are over three million farmers working around the clock across America. An industry estimate determined over 85% of farms in the United States are owned and operated by individuals or families. When animals need to be taken care of and shipments need to be completed, good lawnmower parts can do a lot of the work to relieve stress. What could a Bush Hog Clutch do to make your personal workflow a lot more seamless?

Simple Upkeep Tips For Your Lawnmower Parts

It's not enough to simply buy a lawnmower and call it a day. You need to regularly check your lawnmower parts and make sure they're working to the fullest of their ability. Even a minor lag in ability can cost you money, waste your time and leave you scratching your head as to where you went wrong. Strange noises should be checked on immediately, as it could be a sign of a clog or equipment failure. A lawnmower should move smoothly and seamlessly. Any hitches in movement could be a sign it's starting to show its age or needs a replacement part.

Cultivating A Healthy, Green Lawn Year-Round

When you're tired of an overgrown or yellowing lawn, a good lawnmower is right around the corner just waiting to be taken advantage of. Over 85 million households in the United States have private lawns, which should say something about the kind of advancements you should expect to find when browsing the lawn care market. A recent study showed around 80% of Americans believing having a yard is important, particularly when it comes to improving ROI and curb appeal. The American retail sales of lawn care supplies are going to be hitting a record high of $6 billion in 2019.

A good lawn needs a good lawnmower. Invest in equipment that will deliver on its promise every day of the year.

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