Burnishing Your New PTO Clutch

April Unruh1 comment

The purpose of burnishing is to allow the two surfaces to become accustomed to each other before high RPM and load is applied while mowing, which increases the torque loading of the clutch. This insures better engagement of the clutch mating surfaces and prolongs clutch life.

To burnish a clutch, reduce the engine speed to about half. A typical burnishing time will take anywhere from 5 to 30 cycles depending upon inertia. The burnishing frequency should be done at 2 to 6 cycles per minute. Frequency of cycles and amount of cycles required will depend upon inertia. Typically the larger the inertia, the fewer cycles per minute allowed, and the fewer overall cycles required.


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Jon Akers
Jon Akers
I am so glad my wife found this clutch. Not only was it much cheaper than what the dealership wanted, but it seems to be better quality. I had no problems installing it. The instructions that came with the clutch were exceptional. It is too bad that my tractor is twenty-one years old. I don’t think it will out last this clutch. But if it does, I will definitely buy another OXCLUTCH!!!!

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