When it comes time to search for a replacement Xtreme mower clutch, think Ox Clutch. What distinguishes us is our dedication to you and your mower; you’ll always receive high quality for a low price. An Xtreme electric clutch from our inventory is made from industrial-grade, stainless steel materials that provides you with a long-lasting, durable, safe and efficient clutch for years to come.  Regardless of the mower model you own, we strive to offer a variety of replacement Xtreme mower clutches to choose from.

We stand behind our products.  We offer a  Lifetime Discount Program for all products purchased through the Ox website. We also guarantee a one-year Warranty to ensure you are completely satisfied. Like every item found on our site, our mission is to supply you with an Xtreme electric clutch that’s not only affordable, but lasts with each use.

Do you have any unanswered questions as you start the clutch replacement process? Our expert team looks forward to providing you with exceptional service and support.

$ 147.85 USD $ 199.99 USD
$ 183.95 USD $ 369.08 USD
$ 174.95 USD $ 456.86 USD
$ 147.85 USD $ 209.99 USD
$ 199.95 USD $ 334.95 USD
$ 147.85 USD $ 445.45 USD
$ 184.95 USD $ 199.99 USD
$ 225.95 USD
$ 218.95 USD $ 415.95 USD
$ 187.95 USD $ 294.75 USD
$ 237.95 USD
$ 171.95 USD $ 395.05 USD