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When you need to upgrade your mower’s performance, consider purchasing a replacement for your Ariens electric clutch from Ox Clutch. Our selection has several replacements for your Ariens PTO clutch, designed for every model, including the GT17, GT20, Max Zoom 60 and others.

The best part about Ox Clutch’s selection is you never have to pay a high price for high-quality. Each replacement for your Ariens electric clutch is composed from industrial-grade, stainless steel, state-of-the-art materials, providing you with long-lasting durability, efficiency and safety—at a fraction of the cost.

Our commitment to providing you with excellence doesn’t stop there. When you purchase a replacement for your Ariens PTO clutch, we include a one-year warranty and the opportunity to participate in our Lifetime Exchange program. If you want your residential or commercial Ariens mower running at top performance, contact the Ox team today to see how we can help.